Is the world in wrong hands?

I woke up today with a morbid mood.. and the prompt on Matinee Muse suited me .. In wrong Hands it said.. and had me wondering. The world is in wrong hands don't you think? Terrorism is a curse all over the world.. while some parts of the world are just waking up to it, this has been rampant in India for many years!

I sometimes wonder if the world would be a better place if no one believed in God? But no, then there would be yet another cause to fight for! As I sat here thinking about all this I wrote this poem on my other blog in response to the prompt. But I want to make a repost here to share with my readers on this blog!

Have you ever had a cut
Have you ever seen the blood
Have you ever let it flow
Let it mix with that of the man next door?

Bring the men all together
Cutting the barriers of religion and color
Cut each hand with a tiny tear
And let a drop of blood mix here

Now I will give you this little jar
Separate the drops will you dear?

Separate the black, white and blue
And that of the Christians and Muslims too
Separate the East and West from each
And show me the difference will you please?

Have you ever squirmed in shame?
When on God you lay your blame?
Years have passed and millions lie dead
And yet we cannot stop this dread

The world is in wrong hands I say!
For while we roam clothed and free
The ones in the forests live in perfect harmony!

So what do you think? Is the world in wrong hands? After all the world leaders are at a loss to battle this impending doom called Terrorism. And the solution they seem to come up with is just more fighting and bloodshed!


Very true and what to say..Religious expansionism laced with shameless promotions have blinded a few who are holding the human race to abject blackmail..are the religious heads taking note of it or conveniently looking at it the other way hoping survival of the fittest will ultimately rule...but rule what..the race would have disappeared
A timely post ma
Nice poem , well written. .Even I think, if there was no religion and color we would have found something as stupid as height to fight about. .We aren't really as evolved as we think we are , some of the humans have devolved I believe .
PG said…
I'm an optimist actually. But, yes, sometimes, even I do wonder where are we going to, what is happening to this world. Have we forgotten the meanuing and purpose of religion. I think many of us have. maybe we should ground a religion called humanity. what say?
Rajesh said…
Hey Hi...think I've been here sometime back...' Incessant Musings' seems to be familiar..

Anyways...coming to the post,....hmmm...well..yeah.. a timely one...its highly we have peace in the country and put an end to communalism....its high time we start respecting all religions across the country
Preethi said…
CU - Very well put.. we are being held to black mail and the world caves in!!
Vish - yes .. if you want to fight, you dont need a reason!! You just need more weapons!
PG - I am the die hard optimist.. but hard to be one when millions die around you...
Rajesh - Its not just the country any more.. the world has gone global.. anything that happens in some obscure part of the world affects us sitting miles away..
Robin said…
Yes, I do think the world would be a lot better off without religion. How can you compromise when millions are taught that for their own belief system to be true then all the others must by definition be utterly and completely wrong.
Wonderful poem, well written and great essence...
Religion has perverted over time and people choose to twist it according to their convenience, just like any other belief!
Sometimes it is tough to find harmony within the walls of ones home, let alone attempting to make it happen all over the world! Wish it were easier!!
Sumana said…
Wonderful poem preethi. Just loved the wordings "Separate the drops". Now knowing that the next attack will be on mumbai, all our leaders can do is nothing. What a shame?
Aryan said…
What a touching poem...will we ever overcome all these battle..I have lost hope yaar...
~nm said…
Beautiful poem!
Mama - Mia said…
its a brilliant poem Preethi and portrays the angst just perfectly.

its indeed a crazy world out there and if only we could sepearte God from religion, world would be a much happier place...

easier said than done, you bet?

maybe we will be able to sensitise kids of this generation and hope for better future?



Preethi said…
Robin - If only everyone understood religion better... what was an attempt at faith has turned into chaos!
GND - Very well put... harmony within the walls of the home is indeed hard to find.. just need to look at the papers every morning!
Sumana - yeah it is a shame!!
AM - It seems like a lost cause, but I do hope that it happens in our lifetime!
NM - Thanks
Abha - Yes we have a choice.. lets use it!!
Pavi!!!! said…
Beautiful poem! Couldn't have said it better or simpler...I wish all the terrorists got to read this..mabbe mabbe they'll realize sumthing!

hmm..when u ask is the world in wrong makes me wonder in whose hands is the world actually in? In people's hands rite??
Galadriel said…
and, of course i quote LOTR: "There is still some good left in the world, and it is worth fighting for."

hold on to that one thought and perhaps we will see the waves of change eventually.
lostonthestreet said…
I do think religion has caused more wars, more bloodshed than spreading peace and inner tranquility, But i can't help agree with galadriel.One has to have some hope.!!
Btw, beautiful poem.

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