Thursday, September 18, 2008

w@ did ya sA?

Ever received an email like this and been lost?

Hi, Hope ur fyn n d wx S fyn now aftr d hurr. Hope u had a gr8 tym lst w/e on yr BDay. hpE BDay 2 u.
hw r yr hubby n kid? S chky gunA skool now. S he NjoyN himself der? S he tlkN 2 evry1 or bn shh?
Im havN a gr8 tym hre W my F?. I went2 a moV dis w/e n luvD it. bt d moV had a sad endng. I 1ly lk hpE endngs n Mvies. f u dont lk sad endngs 2 u shd nt woch dat moV.
Im doiN wel n my colleG n am sure 2 gt phat marks. Ill nd 2 prep my cv 4t campus intRvw. cyhm W dat?
I wz n NSS n evn attndd camp 4 10 days. whr shd I put der n Acheivemnts or
xtra curr?
Ive also tkn part n st8 lvl muzc comps n 1 n 1 2nd n st8 lvl 4 grp singin conductd by AIR wich wz a nat lvl comp . .

bt d thng S I dont av Ny kinda certificate. DY tnk I shd include em? n giv me a crrc
t 4mat 4 cv f posbL.
otherwys w'r ll fyn. Mom S bZ W her tempL n Dad S bZ W hs activities evryday.
dur? Ganja Karuppu? He had Bcum an phat sk8R. hes gunA taK part ina sk8N comp nxt wk. Ill snd u d pix or ul em dat w/e.

otherwys no mor nws. t2ul ovr d ph. SYL F2F.
B4N. H+K

Now am I am moronic oldie or does that letter make no sense at all? T
his my friends is called the SMS lingo and every time I receive messages on orkut, emails and such from my younger cousins and such, I can see every gray hair on my head.. because I do not follow most of it (or lets just say all of it). But for oldies like me there are translators - here . Phew! And yay!! The previous passage has red lines all over.. so my editor cant understand this either. If you are part of this group who feels lost when accosted by such lingo, here is the translation.

Hi, Hope you are fine and the weather is fine now after the hurricane. Hope you had a great time last weekend on your birthday. Happy Birthday to you. How are your husband and kid? Is CHEEKY going to school now. Is he enjoying himself there? Is he talking to everyone or being quiet? I am having a great time here with my friends. I went to a movie this weekend and loved it. But the movie had a sad ending. I only like happy endings in movies. If you dont like sad endings too you should not watch that movie. I am doing well in my college and am sure to get excellent marks. I will need to prepare my resume for the campus interview. Can you help me with that? I was in NSS and even attended camp for 10 days. Where should I put there in Aceivements or Extra curricular? I have also taken part in state level music competitions and won and Won 2nd in State level for Group singing conducted by AIR which was a National level competition . . But the thing is I dont have any kind of certificate. Do you think I should include them? And give me a correct format for resume if possible. Otherwise we are all fine. Mom is busy with her temple and Dad is busy with his activities everyday. Do you remember Ganja Karuppu? He had become an excellent skater. He is going to take part in a skating competition next week. I will send you the photos or upload them that weekend. Otherwise no more news. Talk to you later over the phone. See you later face to face. Bye for now. Hugs and Kisses Manga Madaya!

This post was inspired by Galadriel's post - Big Bang Baby
No comments whatsoever on which category I support.. could it hurt to type just a wee bit more letters or is it just more cooler to use the LINGO? What say?
Signing off - Boring Me!
(Pics Courtesy: Blogsphere, If any of you created these pictures you are super cool and I kow tow to you.. let me know and the copy right will be published!)

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rayshma said...

lol!! :D
juniors i've worked with often type like that. initially it used to be diff to u'stand... but now i'm quite adept at it.
also, with us, it's an occupational hazard to understand it.
i'm neither pro nor against it. but as always, anything taken to the extremes doesn't help! :0)

Galadriel said...

haha.. dude, what the f is phat?

Motherhood for Dummies said...

wow, I didn't know what is was taking about. I hate that texting lingo. Drives me crazy... crap... I am getting, old arent I?

Preethi said...

Rayshma - Seriously I can hardly understand some emails I get from these people.. but yeah this was extreme ;)
Galadriel - phat apparently means excellent! beat that!!
MFD - You are.. and so am I .. so at least you have company :)

K 3 said...

dont mind texting, but do mind the hardcore lingo ... its just too much sometimes. Or maybe like you said, prolly going old too fast! :( Bah!!

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Texting with my kids ,who are in the hostel,has brought me close to this lingo,oops,language.Only thing ,writing interoffice memos,these slip in !!

Anonymous said...

I am puritan when it comes to the language and maintaining its sanctity.I refuse to even decipher that sms code

Solitaire said...

I don't understand how sms lingo carries over to emails and also spoken language. I think it is an insult to the English language!

Sumana said...

Cool that site is lingo for dummies.

DewdropDream said...

Oh god I'm with you on this one! HATE smsese... it's so annoying!!! IS every successive generation getting so retarded that they need to communicate like this? They'll forget the actual words and their actual meanings at this rate!!!

@Galadriel: PHAT stands for Pretty Hot And Tempting... last time I checked anyway.

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

Ha proud to say that I understood most of it..not the CHEEKY part though but guess it was a proper I belong to this generation or what??

LOL. Actually I hate SMS lingo too and in fact avoid SMSing people.

I even did a presentation on punctuation in my first year because I felt this generation had forgotten its existence. Obviously everyone thought I was poking a sarcy joke on the Prof who was after punctuation and got full applause.

I think I gave up after that and began to get used to the decoding.

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

I cmpltly agri ! The sms lingo is so cnfusing!!!!. . .I stopped smsing thanks to the lingo !

Rambler said...

I hardly understand the sMS lingo..worst part is that I do not even have patience to try to understand..

DotThoughts said...

I barely read the first 2 lines. Definately old and gray here. I can't believe they actually ahve a site to trqanslate this. That's hilarious!

Pavi!!!! said...

I'm guilty. I use abbrievations for words..not to the extent of the mail on ur post...but i do use emails and chat:. I have to change it :|

PG said...

Honestly, I didn't even try reading all of it. I hardly use SMS. Yes, have got enough grey hairs on my head. :D

Gomathi Sarma said...

hy BeLTd H'Py bDAy sw'Ty


Fuzzylogic said...

I thought I was pretty good with the sms lingo but man!this was way tougher for me to decipher. I hate the lingo though and especially when people use it in emails.

2 B's mommy said...

I could decode it...except PHAT ! Does that mean I am still young ;-)

I hate it too but I am guilty of using it 1nly 4 txtng tho, nd not 2 dis xtnt.

Girl Next Door (gnd) said...

I used to do a LOT of that about 13 years ago in Grad school. 13?? I must be old!! Still use a few, but this note u got is hilarious!!!

Neera said...

aiyyo ..I loath SMS lingo does anyone learn it so well to write such a long note in it I fail to understand.

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