Every thanksgiving we have a tradition... we take a vacation! This time around DH was feeling stressed out from work so wanted to give it a miss. I humoured him... no vacation we will spend 4 days at home and plan a simple outing for each day!!
Thanksgiving morning dawned with a sink full of dishes and a long faced me... I was upset that we hadn't taken that vacation!! (I do have a mean streak!!) DH dragged himself out of bed and to the PC. I sat Nantu down and told him about thanksgiving. So what are you thankful for I asked..
Nantu:Mommy what happens to the turkey.
Me: Oh nothing at all.. the turkey ran away din't you know?
Me: To the forest I think... lets forget about that... what are you thankful for?
Me: Nantu are you thankful you have wonderful parents
Nantu (Hugging me): Yes Mommy I love you!
Me: Nantu are you thankful you have a room full of toys
Nantu: Mommy can I have a rocking horse please!!
Well atleast I tried!! So we started a new tradition. Nantu thanked GOD for all the wonderful things he had (which he couldn't fathome ofcourse).
Meanwhile DH was browsing the net to plan a day trip for us.. and I was dilly dallying getting to the dishes.. It was 10: 30 AM by then. So DH says, lets stop all the research and just hit the mall... yeah we are a bunch of naive people who din't know shops are closed on thanksgiving... duh!!!
So we hit the Cherry Creek Mall. We saw all the closed shops and I bemoaned... Oh my GOD how are we going to get lunch??? See how my brain works??
Nantu insisted to be let out of his stroller.. and started running around and having fun... so much space and no crowds?? Thats more fun than shopping right??!!
This mall has a lovely play area... where Nantu had a ball... there were a few other families who had turned up like us.. It was fun to watch all the kids. So who said going to a closed mall is not fun?
Unfortunately.. our tummies started gumbling at about 1 PM... ding dong!! We scoured the entire town and finally found a good old Indian place which we dont really like was the only open resturant in town.. By the time we reached there the kitchen was closed!! But we cheerfully ate all the left overs!!
The plan was to make a nice western dinner in honour of thanksgiving.. Well Mac and cheese is western enough right??
Black Friday....
The plan was to get up at 5 in the morning.. 3:30 at night.. DH is still not asleep.. so I switched off the alarm and said "Lets think about shopping when we get up". We got out of bed and to the store by 9 AM.. and got some amazingly good deals (for going out that late)... It was bad weather though.. and snowed throughout the day..
I let Nantu romp about till later than his usual bedtime (8 PM!!) and tucked him into bed.. He developed a high fever in the middle of the night... I think it was all the running around yday to the stores in bad weather.. Bad momma. Also, we are having the stay in bed struggle (a post on that soon) ... so it was past midnight by the time we realized that he had fever and I was feeling very guilty!!
So today's outing...After Hours Doctor Clinic...
We were supposed to visit Santa today... I guess Santa will just have to wait another week....


//Nantu insisted to be let out of his stroller.. and started running around and having fun... so much space and no crowds?? Thats more fun than shopping right??!! //

Thats called Blessing in disguise I guess..LOL
hows the child now ?
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Thinking aloud said…
hey...that sounded fun!!!hope nantu is feeling much better...

and teh tag's done :))Dhan-dhana-dun!!!
aw:( . . .So is nantu his usual hyperactive self now??and poor santa!
rayshma said…
oh, we went off on a break and had to scout two entire islands before finding a place which would serve us lunch! lol!
and santa can wait... he's s'posed to drop by at x'mas afterall! :D
Preethi said…
@ CU - Yes it is a blessing.. and I could actually relax with Nantu running about... He is feeling a little better today.. thanks for asking!
@ TA - Yes.. even being as un-organised as us.. it was fun!!
@Vishnu - Poor Nantu.. he was soo looking fwd to Santa. And in the mall we went to Santa sits in a snow globe.. ofcourse there is still time and Nantu thinks Santa is on a vacation for thanksgiving!!
@Rayshma - Aaw.. poor you!! and yeah there is still time for Santa
Vidhya Rajesh said…
hmmm... so a different thanksgiving this time huh ?? sometimes i cannot decide which is better - a vacation or some nice quiet time at home ...

We also had a baaaaaaaad experience with no knowing that allllllll shops are closed on thanksgiving !!!!
Gomathi Sarma said…
acho.. hope the little one is doing ok now.

We didnt bother to fight the cold. so stayed at home and did some online shopping.

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