Mommy-Know-It-All's fall from grace!

When I was a kid... I believed my mom was the encyclopedia... If I read something in a book, I would run to my mom to reconfirm if it was indeed true!! My sister did the same too.. We even took to thinking that daddy din't know a thing... In retrospect I think we thought Dad was illiterate. We would tell him "You dont know daddy, let me ask mom". Then the inevitable happened, we found out there are somethings mom doesnt know.. And then we were the boss. I remember my sister teaching my mom pronounciations ("Its not tortoise it is tortise") when she was in Kindergarden!!! My mom would lament at her fall of status!!!
My SIL went through this in the recent years. She has a 9 year old, who went through the same phases.. She warned me about the falling from grace.
To me it happened sooner than I expected.
My son corrects my english every day today...
Its not "Laughing" its Laughin
Its not "Pitttteerrrrr Patttterrrr" its Pider Pader...
Oh Nantu I dont speak American!!!
And also.. Mommy drive fast, dont drive so slow. Mommy turn on the signal well before you turn left!! Mommy Brakeess!!! (Oh well I am so terrified of driving now I cling to my husband and say.. please go with me!!!)
This holds true for daddy too... Just yday he asked DH
"Daddy the green light is on why dont you just go."
DH: mumbling...
Nantu: Daddy nee expert driver illaya? (Are you not an expert driver?)
Also Nantu will criticize books..
"This is wrong", "This is silly", or "Have you ever seen a red hippo!! How silly"
But there is no word about the teacher..
Sometimes he will say "Miss A says....." and go on to tell us about the wisdom she imparts. He still believes she is always right!
I dub him Nantu-Know-It-All .
What happened to my lil boy who claimed Mommy - You know it all? I miss him!!


Itchingtowrite said…
thanks for dropping by
on your post- i still believe that mom will hav the answer to all my troubles or hubby sometimes...
Sumana said…
Hello Preethi,
I have tagged you at
DotMom said…
this boy is waaay wiser than his years!!! I am so impressed!
Kodi's Mom said…
LOL @ nantu-know-it-all..!
sounds like I should savor whatever little there'll be of my supreme mommy status.
P_H_O_E_N_I_X_X said…
ur lil einstein has definitly outgrown his age! :D at this rate by the time he is 5, he might have his own blog even! hehehe :D
Preethi said…
Itching to Write - I am sure you went through this phase too as a child.. if not.. you were way too smart!!
Sumana - Thanks!!
Dotmom - haha, I think its just his mouth... he talks too much!!!
Kodi's mom - Yeah... its heading there too... the fall of status!! Savor this!!
Phoenix - Lol. I hope not!! Dont want to share the comp with him too.. DH is bad enough!
Hip Grandma said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thinking aloud said…
awww...don't worry, we all go thru it...wait till you hav ecompetition from teh great TEACHER!!! :))

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