I recently discovered Writers Island.. it sounds like good fun.
The prompt from Writers Island this week is Letter... Decided to give it a try...
At the mention of "Letter" a numerous things flit through my mind..
1. Letters from pen pals in school... I had a couple of pen pals (a friend and a cousin). We would write each other every week...and try our hand at humour in the back of the envelope!!!
2. Letters a friend and I would write to each other. We went to school together... but wrote to each other.. poetry, letters etc. We also wrote anonymous poetry to all our friends.. which ofcourse wasnt so anonymous after all!!
3. Letters from my grand dad .. He is 96 and stilll writes long illegible letters .. filled with advice, blessings and love. Letters from grand mom in the last leaf of the aerogramme... trying to fit everything in the small space thatha gave her!!
4. Opening my mailbox every morning in eager anticipation for emails from DH .. when we lived in different parts of the world. Later similarly eagerly anticipating emails from mom every morning.
5. Chain mails among friends at work.. the same chain would go on for days together and was always good fun!!
6. An email from a certain somebody (who will remain unnamed for my safety).. which always contain the subject line "Letter"
7. Resignation letter at my first job.. I was sooo proud of landing a job with one of the leading companies that I wrote an arrogant letter of resignation.. and presented it equally arrogantly.
8. The soap "Friends" where Joey writes a letter to the adoption commitee as a reference for Monica and Chandler.
9. And finally the best of all - some Nantu-ism
Me: Nantu do you want to write a letter?
Nantu: Yes. Can I write in my laptop.
Me(Excited): Yes who would you write to? God? Santa
Nantu: Santa
Me: What would you write ? Dear Santa...
Nantu: No he is just Santa... I will write the letter L
Me: What? Why L Nantu?
Nantu: Summa (Just like that), letter L is very good

Yes I do think letter L is very good dont you?? Children do put our thoughts in perspective ... Whats your favourite letter??


Thinking aloud said…
awww...nantu is a darling :))

and u're right, letters are an important part of our lives...isn't WI marvellous..they come up with such beautiful prompts...

and I did have fun doing teh tag after all!!!...:))
aka Danny Wise said…
Yeah, I like this!
My fave letter must be I - I wish, I want, I need...
tumblewords said…
A nifty post! Cute Nantu. And a nice collection of letter memories you have!
"SunShine" said…
nice list here. Nantu is so cute ;)
Hip Grandma said…
Your are lucky to have your thatha writing letters to you.And so cute of your patti to squeeze in her bit in the aerogramme.God bless them both.My favorite letter is A.As a child my surname beinng V my exam roll number would invariably be almost the last and I automatically fell in love with the letter A.
lol. .I am writing u a loooooooong letter soon :P. . .I love the letter zzzzzz :D
Kodi's Mom said…
lol abt letter to santa :)
Thinking aloud said…
hey did u change the template? do tell how?

and chk my letter post!!! :)
Rambler said…
Oh how can I forget the letter episode from Friends :), nice to see a fellow liker of friends :D..

I used to have this letter conversations with my dad, he for the fun of it used to write the letter in symbols, and then write at the bottom of letter the alphabet each symbol used to stand for, it used to be fun reading them.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Preethi said…
TA - Yeah WI is really nice.. and although I forgot to mention in my blog.. thanks for introducing me.. its through your blogs that I got there!!
Danny - Yeah I ofcourse!!! Isnt that a fav among most of us??!!
Tumble Words and Sunshine - Thanks for your words!
HG - Yes I really am lucky abt my thatha and patti writing letters, and despite the fact that I know almost word to word most of his letters, I enjoy them everytime nevertheless!! By the way my sis will agree with you about the A thingy, her name starts with V she has a tough time in school.
Vish - Please dont!!! Your blogs are long enough!! And I bet you live Z.. so do I!!
Kodi's mom - Yeah.. dont kids stump us everytime!!
TA- Wrote you a scrap on the template.
Rambler - What a wonderful way to write a letter... that must have been fun to read!!
Lea said…
I think Nantu and I were thinking along the same letters, or lines... lovely post. I too have letters from my grandfather who passed on at 96, twenty-five years ago. They mean the world to me... great post!
Ps said…
:-) So many letters!!
Yes--L it is!! L for love,laughter,life. I am partial to P too!;-) The names of the BEST people always begin with P! LOL :-D
Sumana said…
New look and feel !!! True a letter means so much especially from the loved ones. That is cute of Nantu to treasure L. My daughter likes the letter L too. She associates with Lion and she loves Simba's stories.
Preethi said…
lea - i see what you mean.. read your poem.. nice.
ps - yeah isnt P the best??
sumana - lol!! Nantu loves Simba too... he even pretends to be Simba sometimes
Gomathi Sarma said…
interesting.. mine is probly G
And ofcourse Gomathi :):)
Fuzzylogic said…
He is a wise little guy..L is indeed such a good letter:)most of the good things begin with L. By the way love the new look!

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