Tagged yet again...

The Phoenix has me tagged now. I think she wants me to write my blogging story!! Well here goes...

To my friends I was the obvious person to start a blog. I have bored them too much I think. So every once in a while a friend would ask me if I owned a blog.
At first I was confused.. I know about blob's (non-IT folks please forgive me for this remiss act - this is an object storage type in DBMS) but what was a blog? I turned to google.. and found that this was a whole new thing entirely!!

I chanced upon a travel blog written by a friend who I had long lost contact with. I got very excited and left him a comment "Hey how do I reach you??!". I didn't notice that his entries were old and he was obviously not even writing anymore yet!! Yeah thats how naive I was!!
I will digress here a bit and write about why everyone thought I should own a blog. I had written journals all my life. And loved to write poetry. I wrote poetry on friends, foes, nature, politics everything! My friends loved them , although when I read them now I dont agree!!

About the journal writing.. I wasn't one of those closet journal writers.. I made everyone in my family read my journals.. I was so proud of them. Considering that these were day - to day happenings I dont know Why I wanted my mom, and cousins to read them!! Anyway, once I started working I stopped the journals and took to writing long (dreary) emails!! So my friends decided to spare themselves and tried introducing me to the blogging world!!
A few months back, I found out that my little sister is writing blogs too... and started reading hers... I was also introduced by her to this madness called ORKUT a few months before that!! And I started discovering and reading all my friend's blogs in this process!!
I decided I will blog too... and wrote a few blogs the first month. No response!!
I made DH read these blogs and he agreed that this might be a good thing for me to do!! But still I wrote and no response... so I let it go. Then a couple of months later.. a couple of friends ask me "Why are you not writing anymore". I was encouraged... Atleast a couple of people read this crap!!!

After that its all history like they say!! And now I am hooked on!!


Vidhya Rajesh said…
hmmm... it definitely was a good idea that you started to blog ... you should post some of your poetry too... you know in a way i also thought of you as a "blog"gie person....
Thinking aloud said…
tyhat was good write-up...and u r on orkut too...let me try to reach u there ;)
Preethi said…
Thanks Vidhya.. thats sweet!!
TA .. yeah try that.. orkut is good fun!!
rayshma said…
dropped by from fuzzy's... loved ur space! :) may i pick up this tag?!
Preethi said…
Rayshma.. please do.. I am sure you will have fun doing it!!

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