Misspent youth...

I am running out of things to write about... well thats not really true.. I just came up with half a dozen topics in the past half hour... yeah I am bored... DH is working and Nantu is asleep... and I am a crazy person who cant sleep till the house is dark and quiet. So I decide to blog.
I came here, read some blogs and sat down to write something. In the past half hour I came up with a half a dozen topics I dont want to write about just now. Hip Grandma... I could never do that tag you took up, now you know why!
Anyway, as I was browsing blogs, I came across yet another writer's challenge - The Sunday Scribblings.
Scribblings?? Sounds familiar I said... So here is mine for this week - on Misspent Youth.
These two words brought to mind this real story...

I went to school with a boy who was also a very distant relative. This boy was a year older to me. So when I was in 11 grade, he was in his 12th. He was a relatively quiet and studious boy who kept to his books. He had a very nice and loving family. The day of the 12th results and his number did not appear in the papers... He went home and his mom having seen this tells him "Dont worry, its probably a mistake let us see the mark sheets tomorrow and decide what to do!". His grandmom told him " Vaa paa, adhaye nanachindu irukadha sapda vaa " (come, dont keep thinking about that, come and eat).
The boy does not respond.. that evening they found him hanging from the fan in his room!! Needless to say everyone was shocked!
My aunt went to the funeral. The mother told her "Oh I dint know my son was such a coward. Maybe he dint deserve to live after all".
This episode made a very deep impact in my mind.. I have always thought of that boy time and again since.
A few years back I was working in Phoenix Az and a collegue came to me very upset. She had an article from the papers with her.
She asked me "Preethi is it true that this time of the year is the time results come out in India? And that many kids commit suicide because of pressure of performing from parents and peers?"
I thought of this boy again.. and I had no response for her but to say "Yes it is true, sad but true!"
Misspent youth for you.


DotMom said…
what a sad story! Can't believe what the mother went through...
Your Suresh said…
Sad, Yet with A Message

"External Ideas, Internal Ideas and Actions Are InterLinked To Deliver ReActions."

I am sorry for the gone living being having lost youth, old age and then receiving death as it comes. God Shall Guide the person in his next formation.

It could happen to anyone!

I am sorry for the person's mother and father. God Shall Heal Their Heart.

"God Help EveryOne To Be Patient and Trust In His(Gods) Involvement as Witness and Guide in Every Actions."

Let Us Pray For EveryOne.
Dear God
"May All Beings Be Happy
May All Be Healthy
May People Have the Well-Being of All In Their Mind
May Nobody Suffer In Any Way"
rayshma said…
i r'ber having read countless such stories of kids committing suicide after the results.. tho i've never known any of the families personally, it always made me feel sad.
wonder what prompts people to take such steps...?
Thinking aloud said…
sad but so true!!!the kids go under unbelievable pressure...i had written a post on that 'stop picking on me'... a neighbor's daughter too commitetd suicide...its scary how little they value their life. generally its the expectattions which do them in...sad!!!

preethi,i too saw this prompt and it really gives you a lot to think about!!!
Prats said…
God!!! I had goose bumps all over!!! But its so sadly true....and many blame parents or schools or whoever they can lay their eyes on...but the strength comes from within....and if the next step, gets harder as years go by, what do u think these youngsters will do???? The system got to change first
This comment has been removed by the author.
Its really sad that kids aren't allowed to be kids and are taught to worry so much very early in life!!
Preethi said…
Hi All,
Thanks for your comments. Yes it is so unfair the expectations parents in India have on kids. But I think the bright side is that this is changing.. this generation is so much better at letting go! And the next generation are growing up to be independent and self reliant. Which is a good sign.
If we can help them to be able to make the right decisions when they grow up I think we are successful as parents.
Very touching..Its like war out here in the schools and perhaps in colleges too..The happiness and laughter of younger ages has given way to seriousness and tensions..at least i had never heard of these two words till i went to job !
From the heart post,Preethi
Sumana said…
Ya certainly, there is an immense pressure on kids to perform. Unknowingly, i try to compare my daughter and son. Then i tell myself that this is wrong and give them a chance to grow up the way they want to.
Fuzzylogic said…
We lost 2 classmates in plus 2 similar way. This story brought back some sad memories. Infact nowadays with few children in the family the expectations are so high from the parents. We however as a young parent generation should revamp that thinking and allow them to grow in a stressfreee environment.

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